Case Port of Helsinki:

Path towards even stronger customer focus

Our aim was to make the passenger's perspective a central point for the development of terminals and services. Continuous monitoring of the customer experience measures the effectiveness of operations and helps identify areas for development.

Research topic

The Port of Helsinki is currently developing its terminals and services. At the heart of their operations is customer orientation and a safe and seamless customer experience. To support this development work, our aim was to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of ship passengers and to create a systematic way to monitor the development of the customer experience.

Our approach

First we conducted a qualitative pre-study on the basis of which a customer experience metric was created. Following the pre-study, a monthly survey was launched to provide information on the profile, service needs and customer satisfaction of ship passengers. The understanding was deepened by segmentation, which created a realistic picture of different groups of passengers and their needs.

Impact of the research

The project has created a consistent way for Port of Helsinki to monitor the customer experience to integrate customer understanding into decision-making.